9 Behaviors That Make a Good Manager Into a Great Leader

The subject of how you become a ‘better manager’ seems to come up all the time. I’ve had the privilege to lead some amazing teams (especially the current team at Conductor), and I’ve tried to always think about what were the behaviors of a team leader that maximized the team output. I’ve learned many of them the hard way – by doing the opposite. What started out as a conversation over lunch with a colleague, and then merged into a simple ‘top X’ list has transformed into a bit of the diatribe below. I’d like to point out that this is my list of traits I think are critical/important and I’m certain I fail on these spectacularly (especially if any of my employees are reading this, permission to call me out given and encouraged.) So here we go…


Do I need a recruiter?

I happened into a conversation recently about the utility of recruiters.    I was rather taken aback by the negative reaction that the conversation took – where the participants were pretty sure that they didn’t see the real value of the recruiting role. 

I happen to strenuously object.  ( strenuously object! ) and penned my POV below.

Recruiters, whether internal or external, serve several extraordinarily useful functions for a company/hiring mgr/team;

They help you nail down the real job and criteria for candidate consideration.

Kanban for Kids

I have three kids – the oldest is now finishing first grade (the two boys are still preschool aged) so I love this post that I came across today on helping kids manage their homework backlogs using kanban and technology. Your Family, Agile, and You   Can see this being enormously helpful in getting through[…]